Turkish Ice Cream



Traditional Turkish Ice Cream

Building up the recipes for our products wasn't hard for us at all. We had no difficulty at choosing ingredients. When preparing our ice cream, deserts or dairy products we based our recipes on the traditional knowledge altering them adding the rarest and most special ingredients that can be in harmony with the tastes of the past.

For instance traditional Turkish ice cream have only one variety. We started to look for which flavours would go well together with this elegant product. There were many attempts on the market to make a chocolate Turkish ice cream. But the chocolate flavour were too dominant in these ice creams. So we made an ice cream recipe with organic raw cacao from criollo variety which is considered as the king among all cacao varieties. This cacao was only being used by the final consumer at homes in small amounts as it was a high end luxury product. Therefore it was not easy to find the amounts we needed for production. We imported this rare cacao from Peru for our usage only. And just like the cacao we chose our pistachio from the best of the top 1% quality of all the pistachio in Gaziantep region. For doing this we had the professional help from the two most experienced pistachio experts in the country.

We succeeded combining elegant flavours with the unique traditional tastes. However as the sugar free diet is becomming the raising trend, we had to find a healthier and elegant alternative to sugar. Through our researches we found that date juice's glycemic index is much lower than the regular sugar. it took some time and effort to replace the sugar with the date juice but eventually we had success. More elegant flavours are going to be ready in the near future.

Murat Ulusoy /Founder